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Saturday, December 22, 2012

DakshinaChitra, Chennai

DakshinaChitra is a kind of a museum of South Indian art and culture. It is located in the ECR (East Coast Road), 21 kilometres south of Chennai. What attracted me more about the place is the live models of the traditional houses of South India. One another thing I enjoyed was unlike other tourist attractions they don't charge you for a camera.

Photos are of low quality. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me during this trip. Photos are taken using my tablet.

Women at a Tamil Merchant house

Tamil Merchant house cupboad

Tamil Merchant house window

Parama Padaa - Snake & ladder
Never knew this fact. Snake and ladder is a game from India. This game was designed in such a way to explain Hindu philosophy of karma.

This is a device used to draw water from well and ponds with the help of cows. I have seen this devices being used in my village. But now with the electric motors, these devices are rare. Our efficient government provides no power supply. So I think farmers will now go back to these ancient devices again.

Ayyanar Temple

Temple Car

Auyervedic medicines

A nice way to get feedback
But Indians take it granted for a temple tree

They also had classes to learn a lot of arts for pretty cheap amount. It was fun. One interesting thing is I found a potter teach you how to make a pot and then you can make your own pot and take it with you home. Your own creation.

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  1. Lovely pics Sugan; nice to take a virtual tour again:)